Mike Sander´s Rust Prevention Wax

Preserve the value and condition of your vehicle.Don´t let rust bite into your vehicle´s structure, causing unrepairable damage!We are using europe´s market leading rust prevention wax.It´s on the market for approx. 40 years already.We are using it for some 25 years.

It can be used on new vehicles preserving the excellent condition from the start right away.On used vehicles it will protect the vehicles current condition.Isolating already existing rust; stopping it from expanding.


Once applied properly into the structure of your vehicle , the wax will keep creeping anytime ambient temperatures above 15°C.It must never been redone, it will never dry out and/ or crack.Making room for corrosion.  


We are the approved importer and supplier for Canada.Contact us where it is available to you.Do it yourselvers are able applying the wax on their own.We are renting out the equipment which is needed. 


Here more details about the wax.Double click the link info sheet english




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